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        Info & Advice

        Our aim is support you with the challenges faced in achieving your goals to reduce risks associated with:


        Pressure Management


        Falls Prevention


        Patient Flow


        Early Mobilisation


        Posture & Function


        Bariatric Care

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        Our aim is to support you with the challenges faced in achieving your goals and to reduce risks associated with:

        Falls Prevention

        The tilt in space function along with other supports and adjustments, including the footplate, help keep the patient from sliding or falling from their chair.  This is very important for people with little or no muscle strength.  Providing this support can make the person feel safer and reduces their fear of sitting.

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        Wound Care & Injury Prevention

        Seating Matters chairs have been designed for patients with high risk of pressure injuries.  We have carried out clinical trials to help build the evidence base to show how clinical, therapeutic seating helps to manage pressure.
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        Safe Patient Handling

        As well as designing the chair for the clinical needs of the patient, we have also designed our chairs with the caregivers in mind.  What makes our chairs safe and easy to use?

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        Early Mobilization

        The Sorrento? chair is often used to help get patients out of bed when they don’t have the ability to sit in standard chairs.
        The Sorrento? offers a lot of support using our specially designed back support to help control the person's upper body. We can also support the patient with lateral and head supports when that person has little or no sitting balance. This, in combination with the tilt in space functions can help a patient into a semi-sitting position for when they first get out of bed. 

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        Infection Control

        We aim to have our infection control standards exceed the current medical requirements for chairs.  This includes no use of velcro, optional heat sealed cushions and fully modular chairs which ensure there are minimal areas of entrapment and that all parts can be easily removed for cleaning.  Moving parts are electroplated and all powder coating has antibacterial properties.  Each chair can be cleaned with many of the same materials and cleaning agents being used within the facility for the mattresses and the bed.

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        Full training is provided on site for the use of the Seating Matters' chairs.  This can be carried out for safe patient handling, nursing, caregivers and also maintenance staff. Clinical training is also available from our clinical team on any clinical needs in seating including wound care, positioning and safe patient handling. Our team are available by phone, email and live chat to answer your queries promptly.  

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        Blood Oxygen Levels

        Many patients find that oxygen saturation levels increase when correctly seated in a seating matters chair. This can be due to better posture and increased length of time out of bed.  

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        Important Technical Details

        • Sizes and footprint for transport and storage purposes.
        • The Seating Matters' adult chairs have a 25st / 350lb patient weight limit.
        • The Sorrento chair footprint size is 47 inches long and 26 inches wide.
        • The chair will fit through all standard doors.
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        Seating Matters 7 Year Warranty

        All Seating Matters' chairs have been designed to meet the challenging needs of a wide variety of clients.  Most products carry a 7 year frame warranty and an over all 1 year warranty. All parts can be replaced and serviced on site.

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        Further Guidance


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        Is there any clinical evidence to justify the chairs?

        Yes, the Seating Matters range is the only specialised seating range supported by comprehensive, independent and ethically approved research which proved a reduction in pressure ulcers along with multiple other health benefits for the client plus time and cost saving benefits for the facility/carer. 

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        Are the Seating Matters chairs infection control approved?

        Yes, at Seating Matters we take infection control very seriously. Our chairs have been specifically designed to decrease the areas of entrapment where bacteria and germs can survive. 

        The chairs are upholstered with a vinyl proven to counteract C.difficile, E.coli as well as MRSA and the vast majority of bacteria.

        Our frames are powder coated to promote infection control. 

        The seat cushion is attached to the base of the chair by a non slip material to eliminate the use of velcro which can harbour dirt and bacteria. 

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        How do the Seating Matters chairs promote early mobilisation?

        The tilt in space function in the Sorrento? & Phoenix? chairs allow for a semi-sitting position to be achieved.  This position is midway between bed rest and upright sitting.  If the patient does not have adequate core strength to maintain an upright position in a standard chair, the Sorrento? and Phoenix? chairs are designed to improve their sitting balance and help in the rehabilitation process.

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